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Metals Database Service

Service Features
  • Annual subscription (12 months)
  • 12 months access to the WBMS online database
  • 12 monthly summary reports
  • Bespoke reports

Metals Database Enquiry


The Database Service gives clients access to the core of the WBMS working database. The Database contains monthly totals for 12 metals from 1995 to date. New information is updated weekly, giving the benefit of the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available. To arrange a trial demonstration please contact the WBMS team.

The diagram below demonstrates the range of information available on the Database. Please note, not all types and products are available for all metals.


Subscribers receive a monthly summary report; a data dump of all production, consumption and stocks. Subscribers may request tailor-made ad hoc reports as required for any time-frame from 1995 to date.


The key user of the Database Service receives a monthly summary report which is emailed directly. This incorporates a ‘data dump’ of all production, consumption and stocks for subscribed metal groups. The summary gives the most commonly requested data in a single Excel file.

Please follow the link for a sample report using data from the nickel database.


Understanding that clients are often pressed for time, WBMS offers bespoke reports. These are tailored from the various search options to suit individual needs by drilling down to specific requirements. There are endless combinations however example reports could include:

  • Latest copper export data for Chile on the date of issue
  • A summary of aluminium production for the Gulf states by country
  • A summary of copper imported by China including trading partners

Client Analysis Graphic

Please email your specific requirements to discuss preparation of bespoke report.


With 24/7 on demand access to the WBMS Online Database, users can tailor their search to display data in either monthly, quarterly or yearly timeframes. Search results can be downloaded in Excel format for analysis and graphing.


Subscription to the Database Service is on a 12 month basis. Clients can choose to subscribe to the full database package or individual metal groups:

  • Aluminium, Alumina and Bauxite
  • Copper
  • Lead and Zinc
  • Nickel, Tin, Gold, Silver, Antimony, Cadmium, Molybdenum
  • Iron Ore

A separate subscription is also available for the Stainless Steel Database Service.

Subscription to the World Metal Statistics series, is available as an optional extra at a discounted rate. WBMS is pleased to offer Database Service subscribers a 20% discounted rate across other WBMS products and services.

Database Service with World Metal Statistics
Database Service only
All metals
All metals
Per metal group
Per metal group

The Database Service is also available through Haver Analytics with whom WBMS has a working partnership. Haver Analytics are a provider of macroeconomic and financial time series data for the strategy and research community. Haver Analytics hosts WBMS’ Database on their advanced DLX® platform, which is optimised for analysing and integrating content with your current research techniques. Haver menus are designed with a consistent structure to help you intuitively navigate complex databases.

The DLX® platform is a graphing utility allowing clients to chart and compare multiple data series as well as apply functions and utilise analytical tools. In addition, DLX® integrates directly with Excel, PowerPoint, and statistical packages R, Python, MatLab, STATA, SAS, and EViews. For more information about Haver Analytics follow the link.

If a more sophisticated graphing utility is preferable please email WBMS. WBMS can discuss subscription options and arrange introductory contact for a demonstration and 30-day trial of the DLX® platform.

Visit Haver Analytics.

Metals Database Service

Please use our contact form to make further enquiries about the Metals Database Service. A member of our sales team will be in touch to help you find the most appropriate option for you.

Metals Database Enquiry