World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS) has worked independently for over 70 years to research a wealth of first class data from various global resources to ensure the published information is consistent and accurate, whilst tracking industry changes.

WBMS offers essential services to meet the individual requirements of the metals specialist. WBMS data helps clients prepare:

  • Conference presentations
  • Analysis of medium and long term trends
  • Supply and demand analysis and forecasting
  • Project evaluation

Through its comprehensive data offering WBMS fulfils the requirements of a varied customer base.

WMBS Client Base Pie Chart


Data is researched and gathered from a pool of resources, including companies, government statistics and press reports. Trade data are a valuable source of information; the latest available statistics are collected direct from national customs for almost 120 countries.

Reported production by plants is compared with nationally reported data. Material flows and balances are calculated to ensure that the data are internally consistent. 

Detailed usage is rarely provided by government agencies and so apparent consumption is calculated to produce a surrogate for reported demand.

WBMS Methodology Graphic WBMS Methodology Graphic

WBMS liaises regularly with other statistical agencies, international study groups and trade associations to keep up with changes in the industry structure.