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The independent data resource for the global metals industry, maintaining the reference data set for non-ferrous metals throughout the world

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    The WBMS portfolio comprises numerous respected publications. Beyond these key publications bespoke reports can be prepared.

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    The database is the core of all WBMS reports and publications. With extensive back data to the latest information available, it forms a comprehensive resource.

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  • Stats Corner January to February 2021

    Stats Corner January to February 2021

    Global economies and metal markets were grim in 2020 so we thought it useful to put it into context with some long term time series. WBMS has global metals production back to the 1890s in some cases. We have taken 1950 as a starting point and compared this with 1975, 2000 and 2020 so almost quarter centuries.
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World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS) collects and publishes all available information regarding the production and consumption of metals and minerals worldwide; our data is your power.

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