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  • Stats Corner Summer 2021

    Stats Corner Summer 2021

    After looking at the raw materials chrome and moly in the last two editions we will complete the set with a review of nickel in this issue. We will look at the two main stages of nickel processing: – mine production and then smelter/refinery production, which is the product which is shipped to stainless producers and other users. Stainless accounts for well over half of all nickel production.
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  • January to May 2021 Metals Balances

    January to May 2021 Metals Balances

    The most recent metals balances report shows the primary aluminium, lead, zinc, nickel and tin, metal balances were in deficit during January to May 2021. In contrast, copper was the only metal balance to record a surplus in the first five months of 2021. Read on to unpack the latest update on the LME metals balances.
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  • January to April 2021 Metals Balances

    January to April 2021 Metals Balances

    The calculated market balance for primary aluminium for the period of January to April 2021 was a deficit of 588 kt which follows a surplus of 1074 kt recorded for the whole of 2020. Demand for primary aluminium for January to April 2021 was 23.45 million tonnes, 2304 kt more than in the comparable period in 2020.
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